CV / Artist Statement

These pages consist of a selective overview of my artworks and artistic experiments from art education times (2003 -2008) up to the present day. My artistic expression has varied over the years depending on the type of art and technique. During art studies printmaking was my favorite and through that I experienced my expression to develop the most. Now I´m fond of pastel and acrylic painting and most recently the subject of my interest in wall paintings. Currently my artistic work is a secondary occupation and a hobby enriching my life in an addition to daytime job. I carry out custom orders and examine my interests through art.

My artistic style is inherently cartoonish, which can be noted in drawings particularly. To find new ways of expression I have struggled to get rid of the cartoonish style. I like ambiguous art and I also want to include symbolism in my own art. While working I always try to find a certain kind of visual harmony and I trust in my own intuition when achieving it. In past years my expression has been darker as well as in terms of the colors and themes, and I have not been afraid to bring up controversial topics. Now I’m seeking for a wider variety of approaches but I still use colors prudently.


Mia Sotkasiira
Kuopio, Finland
born 1982 in Kajaani, Finland

Facebook: Mia Sotkasiira Art

Art Studies

2008 BA Fine Arts, North Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Joensuu
2002 Secondary school graduate, High school fine arts, Linnan lukio, Kajaani

Solo exhibitions

2004 ”Paintings and printmaking” beerhouse Kalpea Kukko, Kajaani

Group exhibitions

2014 “Kylttyyri-ilta / Cultural evening” music and art event, winebar Maria P,  Kajaani
2013 ”Kosketus / a Touch” year exhibition of Kajaani´s Artist Association, exhibition hall of Ylivieskatalo Akustiikka, Ylivieska
2010 ”Jätteen uusi elämä / New life of waste” Galleria Sisu, Kajaani
2006 ”Artistic Cuts” café and bar Kerubin kuppila, Joensuu


Art Society Arttiimi

Positions of trust

Itelliset ry, board member years 2012-2014

Works in public places

 Kuopio University Hospital, Neuro Center

Other artistic work

  • Illustration for book cover Milla Palm’s poem book – Haavoitetut linnut ovat hiljaa
  • Illustration for book cover, Sarastus – Kirja I (Kiuas Kustannus Oy)
  • Facade painting / sign making, bakery and patisserie company Pekka Heikkinen & Co.
  • Instructor and visual designer, art workshop Ilmarinpaja/Itelliset ry
  • Designing of scenery and puppet manipulating, shadow puppet theatre show Terhen, Ilmarinpaja/Itelliset ry
  • Designing of props and costumes, short film Hänen langettama varjo, Ilmarinpaja/Itelliset ry
  • Illustration for poetry book cover, Milla Palm – Minut kukitettaisiin tähän
  • ”The most famous legend of the world”, series of paintings, Slope On Fire Oy